Sunday, January 8, 2012

Flop Song

The Tamil movie 3 is slated for worldwide release with subtitles on February 14 which makes for a perfect V-day date (hint, hint). The Tamil movies I have seen so far were quite good and have well written scripts despite not being as big budget and glam as Bollywood. I do hope this movie plays in major cinemas in Toronto, not just Albion/Woodside.

In the meantime, I have been a strong contributor to the almost 33 million views on youtube of the soundtrack's premier release: Why This Kolaveri Di. I just spent the past hour listening to tributes and parodies of the hit song and have posted my favourites here. Enjoy!

Egyptian Parody: Why This Colour Very Green

Dutch Video: Rowing Team Dance

Brit R&B: How Could You Do This to Me

Gujarati Parody: Why This Chokri Kharchaa Di (why is this girl costing me so much)

Chandhigarh Tribute: Dance

Chipmunks: High pitched parody (I always find these 'munkified songs amusing; sorry)

Rap Version: Not a bad attempt considering the time-frame the guys made this vid/song in